Frosty Boy Classic UHT Vanilla Soft Serve & Milkshake Mix

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Frosty Boy UHT Soft Serve Mix is a ready to use soft serve/sundae mix based on fresh cream. It has a smooth, creamy vanilla flavour. It has been ultra heat treated and aseptically packaged in sterile bags to ensure excellent keeping properties whilst being stored at ambient.

Product Code: LSS901
Packaging: 5 litres bag
2 bags per carton
Shelf Life: 10 months
Yield per carton: 100 cones of 100ml


Nutritional Information

Average values, calculated from the data provided by the manufacturer and/or supplier of the raw material.

Average Quantities per 85ml Avg serving
Average Quantities per 100ml finished product
505 kJ
594 kJ
Protein, total
3.7 g
4.4 g
Nil detected
Nil detected
Fat, total
3.9 g
4.6 g
2.7 g
3.2 g
17.4 g
20.5 g
17.4 g
20.5 g
48 mg
48 mg


Mixing Instructions

Recommend cooling to 4ºC or less before use. Just pour 5 litre bag of UHT liquid mix into the soft serve machine.